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Ordination to the Priesthood at Holy Cross Seminary 2016

December 17, 2016

One Australian and two Americans were ordained to the priesthood of Our Lord by His Lordship Bishop Tissier de Mallerais on 15 December at Holy Cross. Around 30 priests and 500 faithful were present for the joyful occasion.

Bp Tissier based his sermon on the words of the Pontifical, comparing priests to medical doctors, who are given to cure the infirmities of the people of God; and to consoling angels, who give delight to the Church by the order of their life.

Leading up to the 15th, the weather was hot--rising to 34C (93F)--and the flies were ubiquitous, hovering in swarms on anyone venturing outside, settling on their faces, impervious to swatting and flailing of arms. All of this changed for the day of ordination, however. The weather on the 15th was extraordinarily mild. A heavy body of cloud settled over the seminary campus, cooling temperatures for the entire day to between 12-14C (54-57F), and dropping down periodic showers. The flies--and no doubt the Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub--were nowhere to be seen the entire day. In light of the extraordinary benefit of coolness and flylessness, those in attendance did not mind so much the occasional drizzle or even the fact that the seminary building lost power for the whole of the day due to a line fault in the area that was hard to track. The cool weather continued the next day, as the newly ordained celebrated their First Masses.

Three new priests: (left to right) Fr Nicholas Stamos of the USA, Fr Anthony McNamara of Australia, and Fr Erik Ladner of the USA