FAQ for Attending Ordinations at Holy Cross Seminary

November 03, 2018
Source: Seminary Goulburn

Here are some information for attending the Ordinations.

Q: How do I get to the Seminary by car?

A: See our driving directions.

Q: What options are available for lodging?

A: The following options are available for lodging at the time of Ordinations:

  • Camping at the Seminary – the seminary will be making one of its paddocks available for camping on Wednesday and Thursday evenings; outdoor toilets will also be available.
  • Pelican Sheep Station – cabin lodging and camping about 10 km from the Seminary
  • Hotels – hotel lodging in Tarago (such as The Loaded Dog Hotel) or in Lake Bathurst (such as The Gilmour Inn) or in Goulburn (such as Goulburn South Caravan Park) may be found on the Internet

Q: When should I arrive for Ordinations?

A: A Solemn High Mass will take place at 9 am on Thursday, 14 December. You should arrive some time between Wednesday afternoon and when the ceremony begins.

Q: What will take place after Ordinations?

A: After the ceremony, an outdoor lunch will be served for those in general attendance, while the ordinand will dine in the Seminary with his special guests. After lunch, the soccer pitch, basketball court, and volleyball court will be available for those wishing to use them.
An outdoor lunch will also be served the following day, Friday the 14th, around 12:30 pm.