Entrance information

Holy Cross Seminary is open to the acceptance of all serious candidates to the priesthood.

1. Necessary qualifications

  • The candidate must have sufficient physical and mental health.
  • He must be animated by a sincere piety and the desire to give himself totally to our Lord.
  • He must have completed his secondary studies and possess a diploma which permits him to apply for university studies.
  • The candidate must have a good knowledge of the English language.

2. Brief stay

It is recommended that Australians and New Zealanders wishing to enter the seminary come to the Seminary for a brief stay in the year prior to their entry. Candidates from other countries must spend at least a year in a priory of the Society of Saint Pius X in order to undergo pre-seminary training and satisfy the requirements of Australian immigration.

3. Cost of tuition

The cost of tuition for a year of seminary training is AU$7000. Those candidates who are not able to cover this sum should not, on that account, hesitate to apply for entrance into the seminary. In such cases, they should contribute what they are able, as well as make an effort to find benefactors among their friends, relatives, and the faithful of their home chapel. To this end, they should speak with the prior or the priest who is responsible for the mass centre which they attend in order to obtain his permission and/or collaboration.

4. Medical cover

The Australian government requires that each seminarian has a minimum of medical cover. This medical cover is purchased by the Seminary and is added to the tuition cost of the seminarian.

5. Clothing

Every candidate must have the clothing and personal effects necessary for life in a boarding institution, including formal apparel and work apparel. It is desirable that each candidate have a traditional missal and, if possible, a Liber Usualis (book of Gregorian chant for mass and Vespers of all the days of the year).

6. Documentation required

Candidates interested in entering Holy Cross Seminary should request an application form by email. They will need to fill out this application form as well as get together the following documents:

  • A letter of recommendation from a Catholic priest
  • Completion of the medical forms received with the application
  • Copies of the candidate's sacramental certificates (Baptism and Confirmation), as well as the certificate for his parent's marriage.

7. Submission of application

The application form must be sent to the superior of the candidate's district. The addresses for these districts are as follows:

District of Australia/New Zealand
Saint Mary's House
13 William Street
Rockdale, NSW 2216
[+61] 2 9567 1355
Visit the website of the Australian district.

District of Africa:
458 Shamrock Street
Bredell, South Africa 1623
Tel: [+27] 11 396 1807

District of Asia:
286 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574402
Tel: [+65] 6459 0792
Visit the website for the Asian District.