Donations to Holy Cross Seminary

Donations To Holy Cross Seminary

Holy Cross Seminary is a large complex on the site of a former Catholic agricultural school. The Seminary continues only through the regular support of Catholic faithful. The buildings are large, rambling and old, and in many aspects not in a good state of repair. Much work needs to be done, and the limiting factor is the availability of funds. Your help is consequently necessary to keep this great work of priestly formation going.

Holy Cross Seminary is a missionary Seminary. Most of the seminarians are unable to pay tuition, both those from Australia and those from overseas mission countries. Consequently it totally depends upon the donations of benefactors to keep its doors open. There are several ways that benefactors can donate to the Seminary:

1) Mailing a cheque to the Seminary, payable to Holy Cross Seminary or to the Society of Saint Pius X.

This is the usual way of making a donation. Receipts are not generally sent, but can of course be sent on request.


2) Direct Deposit or Credit Card.

The Seminary can receive direct deposits into its account. The information for making such donations into one of our accounts with Commonwealth Bank in Goulburn is below.

Donations can also be made by credit card using Paypal. Note that you do not need a Paypal account. Simply click on the "continue" link on the Paypal donation page to donate without logging in to an account.


BSB Number

Account Number


Holy Cross Seminary
(General Donations)
062545 10028417 Paypal Donate: Holy Cross General Fund
Holy Cross Seminary
Building Fund
062545 10028425 Paypal Donate: Holy Cross Building Fund


3) Tax Deductible Donations.

Donations to the Seminary can indeed be tax deductible. However this is only when the donation is for the Holy Cross Seminary Building fund. When you send us a check for this intention it will be banked in a special building fund, and you will receive a receipt that you can use for tax purposes. With all the projects going on at the seminary, such donations are very helpful.


4) U.S. Donations.

Donations in U.S. dollars are gratefully received, and there is no difficulty in cashing without charge cheques with small amounts. Cheques in U.S. dollars need to be made out to the "Society of Saint Pius X". They can be mailed to Holy Cross Seminary itself, or they can be sent to the U.S. District Office (Regina Coeli House), 11485 N Farley Rd., Platte City, MO 64079-8201 USA, to the attention of Mr. John Emery and with the special memo that they are for Holy Cross Seminary. If a tax receipt for the donation is desired, the check must be sent to the Regina Coeli House in the US.


5) Sponsor a seminarian.

The tuition and board cost is $500 AUD per month or $5,000 AUD per academic year. This is very low and only covers a fraction of the cost. Nevertheless, it would be a great help if a person or chapel would agree to pay the tuition of a seminarian unable to pay for himself. It would make it possible for the Seminary to keep up its function of forming truly Catholic priests for the future. If you would like to adopt a poor seminarian, the Rector would be happy to chose one.


6) Sponsor a seminarian’s health insurance.

The question of health insurance is particularly urgent for those seminarians who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents. They do not qualify for any kind of medical assistance, such as Medicare, and consequently any medical care they might need would be very expensive. It is for this reason that the Seminary is bound to take out health insurance for all seminarians who are not Australian residents. The cost is $126 per month. It would be of great service to the Seminarians and to the Seminary if a benefactor, chapel or group of persons would offer to take care of one seminarian’s health care. The Rector would be happy to nominate the Seminarian.