2018 Brothers' Reception of the Cassock & Profession

September 28, 2018
Source: Seminary Goulburn

On the Feast of St. Wenceslaus, 28 September, Holy Cross Seminary witnessed the first taking of the habit ceremony within its walls for 10 years. On that day, not just one, but three brother postulants donned the religious habit, becoming Brother Novices of the SSPX. Mathew Regis of India became Brother Daniel Giuseppe; Jason Caré of Australia became Brother Dismas Mary; and Kizito Udele of Nigeria became Brother Kizito.

The ceremony was preceded by the Brothers' annual retreat which, this year, was preached by Fr. Timothy Pfeiffer, SSPX, Prior of St. Joseph's Priory in Davao, Philippines. 

Fr. Paul Robinson, the Brothers' Novice Master, performed the ceremony. His sermon may be found here.

The following day, the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, the patronal feast of the SSPX Brothers, Brothers Francis (Indian) and Joseph Xavier (Canadian), renewed their vows. Brother Francis was, in fact, the very person who had received the habit ten years previously at Holy Cross, on 28 September, 2008. He returned to his alma mater from his assignment in Sri Lanka to prepare to make his perpetual profession, which he made before before the Rector of the Seminary, Fr. Daniel Themann. (see photos here and corresponding sermon here.) Br Joseph Xavier renewed his religious vows for a period of three years.