Fr Martin Anozie celebrates First Mass

December 20, 2019
Source: Seminary Goulburn

The 20th of December 2019 saw Fr Martin Anozie celebrate his first mass. Resplendent in a violet chasuble and flanked by two of the newly ordained deacons (Rev. Mr. Daniel Yagan, and Rev Mr. Joseph Manyeki serving as deacon and subdeacon respectively), he offered the holy sacrifice of the mass in the presence of Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, who ordained him the previous day. His parents, who travelled from Nigeria for the happy day were also in attendance.

The sermon of the first mass, given by Holy Cross Seminary professor Fr Robert MacPherson, reminded Fr Anozie that a priest is merely an instrument of God, as a paintbrush is to an artist. To serve God a priest must follow God’s will and not his own. Fr MacPherson also spoke of the souls that stand to be saved by the priesthood of Fr Anozie. Fr MacPherson's sermon can be heard here.