Holy Cross Seminary Community 2020

May 05, 2020
Source: Seminary Goulburn

Holy Cross Seminary is still working to form priests and brothers for the SSPX and for the Church despite the disruption of COVID-19 to the world. The professors are still giving classes to the seminarians and to one postulant. The brothers are still supporting the priests in running the seminary, and the seminarians are still busy studying, doing chores, and presently are preparing for their mid-term exams. The community is all still able to celebrate or assist at Mass (we are praying for those who cannot attend mass due to COVID-19). In some ways, COVID-19 has not affected the community, but two seminarians were unable to return this year due to the travel restrictions, and the faithful are unable to join the seminarians and brothers in assisting at Mass. We hope and pray that our community is soon whole again, and that the faithful resume their places in the pews behind us at Mass.