Holy Cross Seminary Priestly and Diaconate Ordinations 2018

December 13, 2018
Source: Seminary Goulburn

One priest, one deacon, and one acolyte/exorcist were ordained at Holy Cross Seminary in Goulburn, on 13 December, in the presence of 26 priests, six nuns, and 400 faithful.

Holy Cross Seminary manifested its international character at the magnificent ordinations ceremony that took place on 13 December. It was a day for Africa, since all three ordinands hail from that continent. Fr John Mwangi of Kenya was ordained a priest, Rev. Mr Martin Anozie of Nigeria was ordained a deacon, and Mr Joseph Manyeki of Kenya was ordained exorcist and acolyte.

The District Superior of Africa, Rev. Fr Henry Wuilloud, and the prior in Kenya, Rev. Nicolas Bély, were present for this most joyous occasion for African traditional Catholics.

Bishop Bernard Fellay traveled from Switzerland in order to perform the ordinations. He arrived several days early, so that he could assist at the priests’ meeting for the District of Australia and New Zealand, which was held at the Seminary from 10-12 December.

In the course of the meeting, His Lordship delivered four conferences to the priests about the recent General Chapter and the status of the Society of St Pius X throughout the world. He furthermore performed the seminary’s yearly canonical visit on behalf of the Superior General Rev. Fr. Davide Pagliarani and confirmed seven new soldiers of Christ at Holy Cross on Saturday, 15 December.

The Seminary not only received spiritual blessings with the coming of the Bishop, but material ones as well! Prayers have been going up without ceasing in the past few months that God would deign to break one of the worst droughts in recent history in Australia.

It seemingly pleased God to wait to grant all of those pre-Adventen and Advent prayers of “Rorate, coeli, desuper” on the very day of ordinations! Well over two inches of rain fell on that day and the next. Happily, most of it came down during the ceremony itself, leaving the crowd of faithful free to mingle and talk on the Seminary grounds after the three-and-a-half-hour ceremony was over. The sound of the rain, unfortunately, is all too prominent in the audio recording of His Lordship’s sermon. It did, however, serve the purpose of keeping the summer’s day’s temperature relatively low and also keeping away the flies.

Overall, it was a day of superabundant blessings for all who were present, firstly the ordinands themselves, but also the 26 priests, 4 sisters of the SSPX, and approximately 400 faithful who attended.

Father John Mwangi's First Mass on 14 December 2018

The following day, Fr. John Mwangi celebrated his First Solemn High Mass. Deo Gratias!