Purgatory Avoidable

Please excuse this delay in the publication of the Southern Sentinel. Although I was blessed to spend three weeks with Fr. Griego learning my new duties before he left us for his new apostolate in Ireland, some time will be required before I perform them as efficiently as he did.

As I mentioned to those present at the subdeaconate ordination banquet in August, I arrived at Holy Cross and recognised immediately the unmistakable atmosphere of a seminary. The essential was perfectly familiar even if the details were totally unfamiliar. It is quite encouraging to see Archbishop Lefebvre’s work of priestly formation carried on faithfully in different corners of the world by men who make it their life’s work to communicate his spirit. I take this opportunity to thank Fr. Griego again for his dedicated and persevering work during his years at Holy Cross and for making my arrival and transition so smooth and pleasant.